General Conditions

General terms and conditions


The Crans-Montana ski lifts offers its customers (beneficiaries) the opportunity to purchase Pass & Abonnements online, which provides advantages on services and products. This applies to all areas of activity, including leisure and entertainment, catering, accommodation, professional services, wellness and more. These offers are valid at the club's various partners.

Each offer is in the form of a digital ticket, which can be found in the MyCMA application, and can be used according to the conditions on the ticket. Crans-Montana acts only as an intermediary between the Service Provider and the Beneficiary.

Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions

Use of the MyCMA website and application necessarily implies acceptance of these terms of use and the disclaimers contained therein.

No warranty is given in respect of the content of the texts and/or links accessible via

Crans-Montana declines all responsibility for damages that may result from the use of the site, or from the downloading of files.

Only Swiss law is applicable.

In the event of price changes, no surcharges or refunds will be made for products already sold.

Terms and conditions of use

  • No discount is granted without scanning the QR code of the corresponding ticket according to the offer conditions.
  • Before using an offer, the Beneficiary must read the offer conditions carefully and comply with them.
  • Benefit conditions may vary at any time.
  • The number of benefits may vary at any time.
  • Crans-Montana does not guarantee a minimum number of benefits.


  • Crans-Montana is an intermediary between the Beneficiary and the Provider, and in no way represents the Provider.
  • The Service Providers are solely responsible for the proper execution and quality of the service. The Beneficiary is therefore informed that Crans-Montana or its distributors cannot be held liable for the performance of the service, for the closure of the establishment, for changes of ownership, or for any other change occurring within the selected establishments.
  • Crans-Montana reserves the right to suspend access to the MyCMA website or mobile application for technical, updating or development reasons.
  • It is the responsibility of the beneficiary to check that the use of the MyCMA application is functional on his/her smartphone. Crans-Montana excludes all liability in the event of failure to do so and will not provide any refund.
  • In the event of loss, theft or destruction of the loyalty card, the beneficiary will not be entitled to a refund or compensation of any kind.
  • The photographs presented on the website are not contractual.

Legal basis

Crans-Montana collects and processes data using automated data processing equipment, in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) in force.

Data collection only processes legally collected data sent to us by Beneficiaries, as well as data required to process an order.


Data processing by complies with the principle of proportionality and the rules of good faith. Only data that is essential for the professional execution of the customer's order is taken into consideration.


Files containing customers' personal data are constantly secured, using appropriate technical and organizational measures, to prevent any consultation, use or processing by unauthorized persons.

Data confidentiality

Data is treated confidentially, but may be used to ensure the smooth running of commercial exchanges with Beneficiaries.

Data collection register

The files containing the data of's Beneficiaries have not been forwarded to the Federal Data Protection Commissioner for registration.

Applicable law

Swiss law is applicable.


The use or attempted use of an offer that is not valid or has already been used is prohibited.

In order to benefit from an offer, the Beneficiary must present his ticket on his telephone or printed out on arrival at the establishment.


Crans-Montana reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Once amended, the new terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted.